Common Things You Need To Know About Cataracts

If you or your loved one have clouding on your eye lens, you may have a cataract. Seeing through the cloudy lenses is difficult — it's like looking through a fogged-up or frosty window. Seeing another person's expression as they talk, driving a car, scrolling through the phone, and reading books will become challenging.

Cataracts advance slowly and rarely disturb eyesight at first, but they eventually interfere with vision. This is why eyeglasses and stronger lighting can assist you in dealing with this eye problem initially, but once your vision is impaired, you will need surgery. The good news is that cataract surgery is safe and effective.

What Causes Cataracts?

Most cataracts grow when an injury or age changes the eye lens tissue. The fibers and proteins in the lens start to break down, making one's vision cloudy or hazy. In other cases, cataracts can be caused by inherited genetic disorders. This leads to certain health conditions that increase the probability of developing cataracts. Eye conditions, medical conditions like diabetes, and past eye surgery can also lead to cataract development.

What Are the Signs of Cataracts?

Many symptoms can help you determine if cataracts are developing in your eye lenses. For instance, if you start seeing blurred, clouded, or dim vision, have sudden sensitivity to glare and light, start seeing halos around lights, or can't see correctly at night, you may have a cataract problem. 

Other symptoms you cannot overlook include yellowing or fading colors, frequent prescription changes for contact lenses or eyeglasses, double vision in one eye, and the need to use brighter light when reading.

Is It Possible to Cure Cataracts Naturally?

There isn't a natural cure for this eye condition, but some lifestyle practices may come in handy. Visiting your eye doctor for regular examinations will ensure eye problems like cataracts are detected early. Also, wearing sunglasses, eating fruits and vegetables, and avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol will help.

When Is the Best Time to See an Eye Doctor?

If you notice changes in your vision, or the symptoms mentioned above, you should see your doctor right away. You'll get a diagnosis and customized treatment before you lose your eyesight. Cataract surgery is the best option for fixing this eye problem, and the earlier it's done, the better. Ask your doctor if you are qualified for cataract surgery. Don't be afraid of surgery since there's little discomfort, and the positive effects of the procedure on your vision will be life-changing.

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