Helping Your Child Adjust To Vision Loss: Tips For You

If your child has vision issues or vision loss, it may be difficult for you to help them cope with the changes that they will need to make in their life and how they handle things. And should that vision loss be progressive or permanent, there may be further adjustments that you will need to help them make. Before you worry that your child will continue to resist these changes, get to know some of the ways that you can help them to do better and get started as soon as possible.

Get Them High Fashion Eyewear

One of the best ways to help you child feel more comfortable with their vision loss and the changes that they will need to make is to give them corrective eyewear that they want to wear on a regular basis. After all, children are often resistant to wearing glasses because they worry about how it will look or about any potential bullying.

High fashion or designer frames can help with that issue. Whether your child needs tinted or un-tinted lenses, there are numerous designer frames and lenses you can get your child. Allow them to participate in the selection of their eyewear. The style, fit, color, and other aspects of your child's eyewear should be up to your child so that they will feel enthusiastic about wearing their new glasses.

Help Them Understand How To Compensate At School

Going to school can be difficult for your child when they are experiencing significant vision loss. However, their education and socialization are two of the most vital components of your child's life. Rather than allow them to avoid school or suffer in school as a result of their visual impairment, you need to work on coping strategies and practices for school.

Working with your child and their teachers to get them closer seats, larger print books and worksheets, and the like are all excellent coping strategies. Having the teacher offer oral instructions for tests and assignments can also help. The key will be to help foster open communications between your child and their teachers and, of course, for your child to have support and encouragement at school to work around their vision issues and to (of course) wear their glasses.

Now that you know a few of the ways to help your child adjust to their vision loss, you can be sure that you are doing everything in your power to make the situation easier and more manageable for them.

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