Enjoy PC Gaming? 4 Ways To Prevent Vision Problems

Playing games on the computer can be a great hobby to enjoy, whether you do it alone, online with others, or side by side with a friend through a local area network connection. Regardless of what kind of games you enjoy playing, it is vital that you continue taking good care of your eyes so that you do not suffer from any vision problems that may get in the way of your gaming.

For some good pointers on how to get started, consider the following things that you can implement into your gaming set up and routine.

Position the Monitor Appropriately

One of the easiest ways to reduce strain on your eyes is through positioning the computer monitor optimally. Your line of sight should meet somewhere near the top of the monitor, allowing your eyes to dart around the screen while playing an action game without eye strain. With the wrong positioning, you could experience discomfort in your posture and suffer from vision problems.

Take Breaks Away from the Screen Frequently

Even with the right positioning, you need to remember to take breaks while gaming, so that your eyes are not working harder than needed. Frequent breaks should be as often as every 20 to 30 minutes, allowing your eyes to rest from staring at the same thing. Allowing your eyes to look a distant object is a good start, since it will allow your vision to focus on something new.

Keep the Screen Tinted When Gaming in the Evening

If you enjoy gaming in the evening, you likely already know the kind of strain that is involved with a bright computer screen when it is dark indoors. An easy way to limit the kind of discomfort that a bright computer screen can come with is by reducing the monitor brightness and even using a tinting program to adjust the hue to a light yellow—a move that can help significantly in reducing eye strain.

Try Computer Glasses When Having Vision Issues

For people that have been gaming for many years, it is not uncommon to experience blurry vision that shows up every time something is looked at up close—including the computer monitor. Luckily, this can be corrected through a visit to an optometrist and getting glasses designed for close-up work such as being on the computer.

With the discomfort of vision problems that can worsen from computer gaming, it is vital that you make some changes so that you can continue enjoying your hobby in the future. With a visit to an optometrist and getting additional tips from them, you can take good care of your eyes without giving up a favorite activity. To learn more, speak with someone like Cripe Stephens & Stickel.