Contacts Uncomfortable Or Find 20/20 Vision Not Good Enough? 2 Reasons Custom Contact Lenses May Be Perfect For You

While some people find typical, mass-produced, prescription contact lenses relatively comfortable, others are not so lucky. It is also a little-known fact that most people who wear typical contact lenses don't truly have perfect vision when wearing them, even when their vision with them on is 20/20. If your eye doctor has prescribed many brands and types of contact lenses for you to try without you achieving the comfort and perfect vision you seek, then you are not alone. However, there is a way to have both comfortable and perfect vision when wearing contacts, and that is by ordering contacts made specifically to fit your exact eye shape and correct your unique vision issues.  Many people don't realize custom-made contacts even exist or think they are just for Halloween, but here are two reasons custom-made contacts are growing in popularity. 

1. Mass-Produced Prescription Contacts Don't Fit Every Eye Shape Perfectly

While there are many brands and types of pre-made contact lenses, each type is produced with a limited number of base curves and diameters. The companies don't release contacts with more than just a few options in these measurements, because some less popular sizes would sit on the shelves too long without being sold and expire, leading to them losing money. They would also need to invest in more equipment to shape these lenses, and they don't want to pay those costs. 

However, many people don't have natural eye base curves that are 8.4, 8.2, or another of the popular BCs produced by these companies. Also, some people have eye sizes that would lead to diameters apart from the popular sizes that would feel most comfortable. But with limited contact sizes and shapes to prescribe, ophthalmologists must simply prescribe the size that would fit a patient's eye best, but often not perfectly. They always ensure these contacts are safe for the patient to wear, but they just may not provide the most comfortable experience when a patient wears them. 

Thankfully, you can order contacts shaped to your specific eye curvature and diameter today when you request a custom-made contact lens prescription from your eye doctor. These lenses will not be just the size that fits you best out of the options available in mass market lenses, but perfectly created to your exact eye measurements, leading to increased comfort and possibly an improvement in vision. 

2. Custom Contacts Can Improve Even 20/20 Vision

Whether you find your current contact lenses comfortable or not, it is a little-known fact that standard, mass-produced prescription contacts often don't give everyone perfect vision. While your ophthalmologist ensures your vision is "good enough" with your current lenses to drive safely and live a relatively happy life, even people who have 20/20 vision or better in contacts could have vision that is more clear.

Why? Many people have what are called higher-order aberrations, which are more complicated vision problems that go beyond the typical problems of being near-sighted or far-sighted. While these aberrations all have clinical names, put simply, they can cause everything from slight halos around objects, double vision, to more severe vision problems. These conditions are exasperated when your pupils enlarge, which is why so many people with good daytime vision notice problems with their night vision. 

While these aberrations used to be very difficult to measure and diagnose, progressions in technology have led to tools eye doctors can now use to detect them (with most new technology in medicine, not every ophthalmologist uses this equipment yet). While big-brand contact lens manufacturers don't currently produce contact lenses to correct every aberration of every degree (and likely never will for the same reason they limit the base curves and diameters in the lenses they produce), the great news is that after visiting an ophthalmologist equipped to find and measure your specific vision aberrations, you can have lenses custom made to correct them. This can lead to you finally getting rid of those mild to severe halos, shadows, and other strange problems with your vision that may just affect your vision during the day, but especially at night.

If you find your current contact lenses uncomfortable and/or find that they don't give you perfect vision at night or any time you wear them, then custom lenses made to fit your specific eye shape and made to correct your vision aberrations may make you fall in love with contact lenses again. If you're interested in getting custom contact lenses, go to site of an optometrist today.