Reasons To Go With Rimless Eyeglasses

Rimless eyeglasses, or no-frame eyeglasses, are more than simply fashionable. This style of eyewear offers a host of benefits other than its timelessness. Although rimless glasses have been in use since the 1800s, today's styles offer the wearer versatility, high-quality, and durability.

Variety of Lens Sizes and Shapes. While eyeglass frames limit the size and shape of the lenses, rimless frames are available in a wide choice of styles, designs, and colors. The diversity of styles lets you choose a lens shape that highlights the contour of your face and brings out your best features.

Other People's Perceptions of You. Your facial features play a key role in how other people perceive you. The type of eyeglasses you wear also can influence how others see you – in particular, what personality traits they attribute you as having.

For example, one laboratory study found that individuals who wear rimless eyeglasses are seen as being likable, attractive, more intelligent, and trustworthy. Conversely, while wearing full-frame eyeglasses may lead others to consider you highly intelligent, they may see you as less attractive – and perhaps more nerdy – than people who wear rimless glasses or no glasses at all.

The importance of perception works both ways. Generally, people who wear eyeglasses aren't interested only in improving their vision. They want eyeglasses that reflect their personality and individual style.

Lighter Weight. Even when your prescription requires thick lenses, rimless eyeglasses feel lighter than glasses made heavier by frames. Besides being more comfortable to wear, rimless glasses made of resilient materials are long-wearing and not as easy to damage as plastic eyeglass frames. Many high-quality rimless styles are made of titanium components. Although titanium is more expensive than other materials, it's both durable and lightweight.

Expanded Field of Vision. Thick eyeglass frames can obstruct your view, including your peripheral (side) vision. A rimless style can help you see better by giving you broader vision.

More Appealing Appearance. Rimless glasses don't hide part of your face. Your eyes, cheekbones, and angles that emphasize your face will still be visible. Rimless eyeglasses look good on all face types, allowing for a more natural look.

Factors to Consider

If rimless eyeglasses aren't quite your style or in your price range, semi-rimless eyeglasses, with the frame on top of the lenses, offer many of the same advantages. Since rimless eyeglasses have no frame, the design requires high-quality materials and careful construction to make the lenses sturdy – factors that add to the cost.

The frame of semi-rimless eyeglasses requires less material than full-frame glasses, which makes the style more comfortable to wear. When it comes to cost, semi-rimless eyeglasses may be more affordable to your budget than full-frame glasses or high-quality rimless eyewear.

The lenses of rimless glasses often are made from polycarbonate rather than plastic or hard resin. While polycarbonate lenses are more expensive than standard plastic lenses, the material is lighter and more impact-resistant, providing greater eye protection. Polycarbonate lenses also offer protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

If you want to wear rimless eyeglasses, but you wear a stronger prescription that calls for thicker lenses, choosing lenses made from thinner high-index plastic is another option. The material isn't too heavy for a rimless style and the lenses won't have thick edges.